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    There come times in any life when the navigation gets confusing. When we don’t feel that we can handle everything that life has brought to us. When life takes an unexpected turn that throws us off our moorings. When situations at work are challenging, or when we know we need a career change, but don’t know how to move forward. When we question our parenting? When we are overtaken by loss or anxiety or depression. Or even when we are doing fine, but simply want to be even more effective at what we do. When, for any number of reasons, we simply aren’t sure how to move forward in a manner that fits with our values and goals. What's the next step?


Lisa Iverson

Providing Counseling, Coaching, and Educational Consulting

I am fascinated with human nature, personal development, and with how each of us experiences and navigates the life journey. I am awed to join together with others, listening deeply to their stories from a perspective of empathy and compassion.

My goal is to help others sort out their values, thoughts and feelings and ultimately find their own solutions Learn More »

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