About Me

I have lived my adult life in Olympia, WA. raising three children on Lake St Claire.  Our children are now adults, and we have four grandchildren.  I am a gardener, rower, bicyclist, yoga aficionado, and meditator. I also study and practice watercolor art.

I have always been fascinated with human nature, personal development, and with how each of us experiences and navigates the life journey.  I am awed to join together with others, listening deeply to their stories from a perspective of empathy and compassion. My goal is to help others sort out their values, thoughts and feelings and ultimately find their own solutions.

I am also intensely drawn to the integration of eastern philosophy and western psychology and the way these two disciplines are coming together to inform each other in our modern day world. I use many western psychological ideas as well as eastern philosophies and practices in helping people make the changes they seek in their lives. I am also using recent brain research to help my clients learn to cultivate more positive well being.

My first career was in education.  I was a classroom teacher, a Special Ed teacher, a Reading Specialist, and a Gifted Education Specialist in public schools.  I found teaching very rewarding, for many years.

However, at the age of 40, with the support of my family, I chose a new direction for my love of working with children and families. I founded NOVA School, an independent middle school for highly capable students.  NOVA became particularly well-known for its positive school culture and the engaging program the school offers in a uniquely personal environment. The school grew and has filled an important niche in the Thurston County educational community.  My goal was always that the school would survive and thrive beyond my family’s involvement, and that goal has been met.  Founding a school and nurturing its growth as the Director for 16 years is a labor of love that few can imagine, and I will be forever proud of this accomplishment.  I am also truly grateful for everything I learned about human nature, parenting, adolescents, families and leadership.

All the while, however, I was gradually following my life long interest in psychology by pursing a second Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at St. Martin’s University, with the intent of becoming a therapist.  I completed my internship at Greater Lakes Mental Health Care in Lakewood.  I also became a certified coach through New Ventures West in San Francisco and participated in a unique 18 month intensive leadership training in Integral Theory and Practice known as “Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems.”

More recently I have done intensive work with the Couples Institute of California, training to be a couples therapist.

BA in Education:
University of Iowa
MA in Education:
Pacific Lutheran University
MA in Counseling Psychology:
St. Martin’s University
Integral Leadership Transformation certificate: Generating Transformative Change:
Pacific Integral/LIOS, Seattle
Integral Coaching Certification:
New Ventures West, San Francisco